William has a great reputation for paying a fair price for pieces presented to him.

If your estate is not large enough for an Estate Sale, then you can simply call William and he can come and make you an offer on your pieces. Remember you are under no obligation to sell to us. Rest assured that you will get a fair price.


William Cross Buys Estates

Every day brings new challenges and new information. How can you expect to know all of that when you need to sell?


While the simple task of selling your collections or your estate may look easy, let me tell you it is not. Today’s marketplace is in a constant state of flux, with prices moving up and down. Some pieces may be popular today… and six months later they are out of favour and something else take its place. Each day brings new challenges to the Antiques & Collectibles market. Can you take the chance of getting the wrong information? It could cost you dearly.

You need to call an Expert, you need to call William Cross.


William Cross has been helping individuals and companies for over 40 years across the country.

Selling to William is Simple

William is always looking to help you get good money and a fair price for your pieces, the simplest thing is to give him a call and see what he says.

After all, it will cost you nothing, but you will learn a lot. His frank personality will not sugarcoat it for you, but he will give you the facts so that you can make the best decision.

We will buy single pieces or entire estates. From the smallest to the largest.

Give us a call today, at 604-764-9269.