Project Description

A few years after my Father passed away, William Cross came to my rescue by helping me de-clutter my Dad’s office.
I continued our small family management business from my
father’s home office, which was packed from floor to ceiling with his eclectic collectables.
Completely overwhelmed and feeling like I was suffocating in the clutter of furniture and decor items, I was grateful to have William ‘s expert assistance.
William very quickly and thoroughly de cluttered, re-organized and categorized
The 1,600 sq foot space.
He very competently wrapped, boxed and labeled all items that
were going to be stored or sold and provided me with estimates and an inventory list. My working space was rapidly transformed into an environment where I can easily
Be productive and also where I have cherished memorabilia
With fond memories of my late Father.
Thank you William!
Nina Strait
Toronto, ON