Paintings, Watercolours & Prints

Paintings, Watercolour and Prints of  Value

There are three main categories:

1) Paintings

2) Watercolours

3) Prints 




Paintings that are Canadian or American in nature will be of more value than some of their European counterparts. Some European pieces will be worth more than a Canadian piece. One thing is for certain, all good pieces are usually signed or attributed to a known artist.

Canadian art tends to be worth more in Canada, with the exception of the Group of Seven, which will do well anywhere. 

All pieces must be in good order and to have a strong value they need to be well done, and not made for the mass markets. In Canada many pieces were sold through department stores that were made enmasse,  and while some early pieces have some value, all pieces need to be carefully assessed. 

Watercolours are worth about 50% less than a painting. They must be signed either on the front or back. With no signature, they pretty much have only decorative value… or how nice it will fit into the modern home decor. 

Prints tend to be valued at 10% of that of a painting and its subject is of the most importance as to whether or not is has a value.

Prints today have fallen out of fashion, unless they are extremely decorative, like facades of old buildings, or solid architectural prints. Framed pieces can have a value for the frame and the print. Some old frames tend to be large oak frames and the the frame alone hold all the value.

Condition is very important to the value of paintings. Pieces must be in top notch condition to hold any value. Damage to the canvas or print will make some pieces worthless; damage to the frame can also bring the price down.