Period furniture is difficult to sell today, but styles play a significant role.

   What was once popular has changed.

Today collectors look for

1) Mid Century Modern

2) Art & Crafts

3) Art Nouveau

Mid Century Modern

Art & Crafts

Art Nouveau 

Teak furniture is one of the hottest trends, with an emphasis on unusual or signed pieces. While there are many pieces around, only the better pieces will bring a higher price. Interesting items such as  tables that incorporate chairs or multi-level shelving pieces assume a greater value.  The smaller pieces tend to be more popular. 

Arts and Crafts pieces no matter what they are bring a good price. Signed pieces are quite rare and condition is imperative to get a good price. 

Art Nouveau is extremely rare and will bring good prices, but condition is very important and just like the other two categories signed pieces are the best. 

Condition is essential to the value of furniture. Each item has to be in prime condition. Damaged pieces have less than 10% of their value as the cost of repairs is extensive.