A Guide to Collectable Figurines

There are three main categories for Figurines:

1) English

2) European 

3) High-end European



High-end European

There are quite a few figurine manufacturers. The more notable ones are Royal Doulton, Coalport, Royal Worcester and Royal Crown Derby. Royal Doulton is the most popular and the most prolific in North America. Prices are considerably lower than when they were first bought in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, but there are some earlier pieces that are still quite collectible and command a higher price than run-of-the-mill pieces like Autumn Breezes or the Balloon Man.  

Royal Worcester figurines are typically little children, but they did make full sized men, women and animals which fetch higher prices than the children.

Royal Crown Derby Paperweight figurines are mainly animals, which started in the 1980’s , and almost all have value. 

European figurines can be split into two categories. The lower end, like Hummels, Royal Copenhagen, Bing and Grondhl are worth less than their  more expensive counterparts.

The larger pieces (over 10″-12″ in height) tend to be more popular. The smaller ones can range from $15.00 to $85.00, not a great deal considering what they used to sell for. 

Meissen and Dresden figurines are a bit tricky to evaluate on your own because of the large number of fakes and forgeries.

There have been fake pieces sold quite a lot in the last 100-150 years. Of course, condition is imperative and 90% of the pieces need to be marked. If there are no marks it is extremely hard to date and even harder to attribute to a certain manufacturer.

You must be careful in evaluating this category. 

Condition is very important to hold any value of pottery and porcelain. Pieces must be in top notch condition to hold some sort of value. Pieces today that are damaged will have less than 10% of their value as the cost of repairs is quite expensive.