Crystal and Glass

Crystal and Glass

Evaluating Crystal and Glass

1)  What is it Crystal, Glass or something Decorative?

2) Is it signed and if so, by whom?  

3) Is it genuine or fake?


Art Glass

Fake or Not?

Crystal glasses and vases in today’s market place must be signed to have any value on the secondary market.

Some notable manufacturers are:

1) Lalique

2) Baccarat

3) Waterford

4) St. Louis

But there are exceptions to the rule, as some early pieces of crystal, such as bowls and vases are not signed and still retain some value. 

Art Glass has been a favourite for many years, but it too has seen lower than usual prices although larger, more decorative pieces are more valuable than the smaller ones. A lot of art glass is signed, such as

1) Lalique

2) Galle

3) Waterford

4) Baccarat

There are a few notable exceptions, such Loetz, or Kralig. Design, colour and shape play and important factor in determining a value.  

Is it real or is it fake? There have been a lot of copies or forgeries made as of late.

Most notably, pieces of Galle have been popping up in North American markets for quite some time now (over 30 years). So distinguishing between them and the real thing can be tricky and best left to an expert.

Fakes will have a value only, 10-20% of the value of the real thing.  

Condition is very important to the value of crystal and art glass. Pieces must be in top notch condition to hold any value. Pieces that are damaged will have less than 10% of their value as the cost of repairs is quite expensive. In fact, glass repairs are almost impossible, unless it is a small nick that can be buffed out.