Coins Tokens & Paper Money 

What to Look for in Numismatics

There are three main categories for in Numismatics.

1) Canadian & American Coins.

2) Paper Money  




Paper Money

Canadian Coins are most likely what you are going to have the most of at home, some will have US coins as well.

Unless the coins come in special presentation boxes (from the Royal Canadian Mint), Canadian Coins must be prior to 1968 to have any value. Most will only have silver value unless they are of higher grades and graded by a professional.

USA coins must be prior to 1964.  

Canadian Tokens can be very tricky as there are many different varieties of one type that can make the token rare or quite common.

Extra care must be taken when both grading and sorting them as condition is imperative in there increased values.

Paper Money has always been sought after and is still popular today. Issues such and the 1954 devil’s portrait notes but be looked at closely as some are only face value while some can be $1000’s. The earlier 1935 notes are of value if the signatures are correct, while the 1973 and 74 notes and based on condition and signatures. Almost all the old Dominion of Canada Notes are of value as well as Charter Bank Notes. 

American Paper money must be prior to 1950 before you get any value above the face value. 

Condition is very important to the value of Coins Tokens and Paper Money. Items with higher grades can be worth considerably more but they need to be graded by a professional. Pieces today that are damaged can still have value it all depends on the piece.