Consignment is another option. However, if the collection is large or if you have few single pieces that amount to over $10,000, they would have to be of significant importance.


What to Consign to William Cross

Selling an important antique & collectible can be exhausting and time consuming, especially since you may have little to no experience with this part of the trade. Also, finding the right person can be troublesome. As well, who can you trust?

The rates for consignments can vary depending on the collection or the consignment itself and will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Estate Sales

William Cross is known throughout Canada for his Honesty and his extensive knowledge in the Antiques & Collectibles Trade.

Glass Paperweights

In 2014 I took a consignment of over 150 glass paperweights from one house. What was once just thought of some old knick-knacks around the house, turned into a $5,000 windfall.

You just never know what something can be worth until you let an expert have a look at it.

German Music Box

An old turn of the century German Music Box with extra cylinders was found stuffed in a closet and forgotten about.

With a little research and some gentle cleaning, I was able to sell it for $2,600.