With over 40 years of experience in the Antique Collectible industry, William Cross is the best man for the job.



Are you thinking of getting an appraisal on important piece of art?

Appraisals can be either written or verbal, but first you need to determine if it warrants getting an appraisal at all – or perhaps all you need is an opinion? If it is only an opinion, that William can do that for FREE (assuming there are not too many pieces).

Basically there are three types of Appraisals:

  1. Insurance – This type of appraisal is mainly for insurance purposes and should not be confused with a fair market appraisal. An insurance appraisal takes into account many hidden factors, such as the cost of acquiring the pieces , or cleaning, etc. Most of the time it is written and will need to be itemized and on formal letterhead. All of this can be expensive, but necessary if needed.                                              
  2. Fair Market – These types of appraisals are either written (which can cost as much as an Insurance appraisal) or verbal. Also, the appraisal can be what you may get if you sold today, or what the retail price would be if you were to hold your own Estate Sale.                        
  3. Evaluation – An evaluation is quite simply a value based on liquidation; a fast sale that needs to happen immediately…., or only if there are a few things that need to be priced.