Selling or Clearing an Estate?

Everyone in their life has, at one point in time, something they want to sell, whether your downsizing or someone has passed away. We all need some assistance in selling our prized possessions.

William Cross is Canada’s #1 resource for buying and selling antiques and collectibles. I have over 40 years in the trade and with international experience.

Here is what will happen when I come to see you:

  • First, upon seeing what you want to sell I will assess your pieces
  • Second, I will give you (verbally) current market prices on what your pieces are worth?
  • Third, I will pay you top dollar for any piece you want to sell
  • Fourth, I can guide you on how to sell the rest of the estate or clear the home in most economical way.

Whatever the case, with William Cross, you are getting someone who is knowledgeable and understands the current market price for items you need to sell.

Whether William is buying just some pieces or the entire estate you can rest assured you are being treated by someone who is knowledgeable and who is pleasant and respects your feelings. Since you are most likely selling you life long treasures and family heirlooms.

Call William today for a free telephone consultation or to book a FREE appointment with him.


William Cross should be your best choice for estate liquidation specializing in the Antique & Collectibles.